Phuket Gourmet Catering has been established in Phuket, Thailand since 2009 and has catered more than 700 weddings, many events, consulting and private chef services. 

From a dinner party in your home to catering on yachts and private jets or in villas, to dinners in the jungle or on the beach, there is not a challenge we cannot meet. Phuket Gourmet Catering can make any occasion special; we are able to offer bespoke catering for corporate and private events all over the world. From your company parties to birthday parties, from weddings to stag and then nights, wine pairing dinners, chef dinner menus, buffets, brunches, anniversaries and cocktail parties, we’ve got it covered.


Event Planning

Setting up your entire event with staff, entertainment, decorations, food and drinks is all within our abilities. The food and drinks are tailor-made just for your event and all the kitchen equipment is included in the price. Plus, we always work with local organic products.


Additional Services

Phuket Gourmet Catering offers consultations for hotels, night clubs, menu planning, staff training, and food/drink budgeting.

Other areas of expertise include restaurant conceptualisation, menu conceptualisation, restaurant design, branding, new restaurant openings and staff hiring.