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Chef Daniel Isberg

Born and raised in Sweden, Chef Daniel Isberg started work in his home country as a chef just after he finished culinary school. Ever since, he has been applying the highest of standards to his professional (and personal) life. In a career that has spanned the globe, from Greece to Paris, Thailand to Monaco and locales in between, this intrepid chef has studied the lifestyles and cultures of his host countries, a fact obvious to anyone who has had the pleasure to sample his unique, multi-faceted cuisine.

“To be a Chef is not a job — it’s a lifestyle.”

In his travels, Daniel has incorporated his cooking convictions and visions into stints aboard cruise lines and private yachts, and atop Angel Falls in Venezuela. Anyone who has had the pleasure of sitting at Chef Daniel’s table, from Sean Connery, Robin Williams and Alicia Keys to the Swedish Royal Family to Bill Gates, understands that the passion Daniel puts into the creation of every dish is born of his life experiences.

But it was on a trip to California with its market-fresh, ingredient-driven menus where Daniel was the most inspired to further delve into his style of gourmet cuisine he had already been sculpting up to this point. The clean, straight-forward tastes that embody the U.S. West-Coast style, with its Mediterranean and Asian influences, fit right in on Daniel’s palette of cooking colors and inspired him to move to San Francisco, California in 2009. There, he opened his own catering business with his popular Chef’s Table Free Range (underground) Dinners served in his own kitchen.

Chef Daniel Isberg is a member of the California Mercenary Chefs group since 2001, a fitting title to a collection of noted chef’s that venture out internationally on occasion to promote the food and drink of this great gastronomic region with shows of their culinary prowess.

Along with the plethora of countries and cuisine feathers in his cap, Mr. Isberg has experienced every sort of work aspect the restaurant industry has to offer. From bartender to waiter, consultant to chef du cuisine, a dishwasher and the owner of several establishments along the way, Chef Daniel Isberg has seen all sides of the industry. He has made a name for himself not only in his own establishments and kitchens, but also with private dinners among an elite clientele such as Sylvester Stallone, Antonia Bandera’s, Melanie Griffith, Bono, Isabella Rossellini, Bruce Springsteen, Calvin Klein, Alberto Tomba, Hillary Clinton, and Arnold Schwarzenegger just to name a handful.

After successfully establishing relationships with local purveyors to secure the best produce the area has to offer, Daniel quickly set about turning Restaurant Kom into the premier eatery in Warsaw, Poland. His efforts were quickly rewarded with a variety of accolades including a Noble Bank sponsored Food & Wine competition awards for best appetizer and entrée entries.

After Chef Daniel Isberg moved back to San Francisco, California after having been in Poland for 15 months, he says it is a Chef’s dream to live in San Francisco with all the fresh local organic products all year around.

Chef Isberg knows full well that, while important, truffles and foie gras are not the only thing in life and that his lifestyle must be more than a single faceted activity. His love of life has extended over the plate’s rim into a variety of interests: Modeling in Sweden, rock music in California, studying Thai boxing in Thailand – Daniel has always felt that his lifestyle needs to be as much about balance as it is about passion and art. To be a Chef is not a job – it’s a lifestyle — a life full of experience and flavor that can be seen, smelled and savored on every plate.