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Don’t miss Chef Daniel’s upcoming book “Never Catch A Falling Knife” about his crazy and sometimes scandalous Chef life!

“I always wanted to do it all — See everything & try everything. I live once and can die tomorrow.


I left my home country of Sweden early and wanted to see the world; if you are a good Chef you can work in any kitchen all over the world and that is what I love about my job. I am a little crazy and think that’s something common with Chefs — we are artists and like to work hard and play hard.


You have to be crazy to work 16 hours a day in a very stressful atmosphere with fire, knives, heat — and love it!


Many of us Chefs also need a kick to spark our creativity like alcohol, drugs, dangerous games, gambling or sex — we like to play on the edge.


I think I’ve seen the most of it now after 25 years in the business. I have cooked for Kings, Queens, Presidents, Rock Stars, Actors, Super Models, Sport Stars, you name it. I’ve been to the craziest parties in Hollywood, Beverly Hills & all over the globe. Been almost beaten to death in the Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) ring in Thailand. Been cooking around the world and have experienced the most unique food products, spices & creations. Been meeting the most amazing people you can imagine, and cooking with some of the best Chefs in the world.


I have so many stories to tell you…”

Join my Ride! This is “Never Catch A Falling Knife” by Chef Daniel Isberg.